Yash Bespoke

Bespoke jewellery for your special day

A unique collection of jewellery offering designer pieces consisting of intricate artwork and innovative designs from the traditional setting to the more distinctive modern and contemporary look and approach.

Each and every bride that Yash has had the honour to create for has been made with pride and love for the fairy-tale look and the regal stature every girl dreams off for her wedding day. Our karigars create their magic by hand on each and every single item of jewellery with their heart and skilled professional knowledge, making our brides feel comfortable and secure in knowing that they have chosen the right look for themselves.

Every bride is special and very bride dreams of her look; sophistication, elegance, and poise as her jewellery will be worn for years to come and act as a reminder of her extremely special day.

Yash Bespoke, come let’s create for you…

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